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Chapbook, published by [sic] detroit 2012. Printed copies $5 + postage. Email to purchase. Click here to download a pdf of the book.

For The Michigan Citizen


Oh, the humanities! Kev, go ahead, sell the van Goghs

OPENING DAY: Open your mind before you open your mouth!

Flower Power: Don't kill the dandelion; eat it and let it grow

Not a feminist? Then you don't really love your Mom

Riding dirty: Who are the real car insurance criminals?

Tale of two cities: Is social media re-segregating Detroit?

Cycle disobedience

What remains in Pandora's site? Just the racism

CORN-SPIRACY?! Save the planet and end world hunger in one easy step

All of Nain Rouge, not just the dwarf, should be banished


Tattoo artist profits from penitentiary

Darkest skies reveal the brightest lights

Shopping small makes a big difference

Wayne State theater brings Yoruba legend to the street

Detroit dinner goes wild!

'Greening' Detroit with Shakespeare

Freedom House protects global refugees, American LGBTIs

Battling sex trafficking with homemade cookies

Edible architecture growing in Calimera Park

Emergency management is racism

The politics of participation: Who gets the upper hand?

Celebrating Detroit's Dudley Randall


Security unsafe for Detroit students

Problems with the primary

City Clerk botches Detroit election

Legislation paves way for more pipelines

Detroit stands up to Monsanto

Shut it down

Weeklong protest claims M-1 rail is divisive

Emergency management is racism


West Virginia miners' struggles still relevant today

Literature without parole

'The Retrieval' reminds us to find dignity in hard times

For Industrial Post

Ship in a Bottle

For Mas Context

Two pieces about 'Dizzy' by Frank Fantauzzi and Charlies O'Geen

For Metrotimes

True Prayer: 'Santiparro's Kickstarter'

Society and Spectacle: The Making of Matthew Barney's KHU

Telling tales: The Moth Marks a Year of Storytelling with a Grand Slam

Public Consumption: To Celebrate 125 Years, the DIA Hits the Streets

For Real Detroit Weekly

Trailer Trashed! The Trailer Parke Boys on Music, Weed, and Detroit (written under pseudonym Josh Falkoni)

Detroitus: Artists Tim Burke Finds Himself

Industry: Remixing the 54 of the 248

Wilson (written under the pseudonym FALKON)

Manna and Quail on Love and Music

For Single Barrel Detroit

Are We Not Supposed to Be Here?

Welcome to Woodbridge

Laborer of Song

American Christians



Companion Volume for the 2010 Beehive Project